Ecommerce and conversion

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Who is the fastest online payment processor? [article]
New Relic – May 22, 2012
Summary: Think PayPal is the fastest online payment processor? Think again. Data pulled by New Relic from 20,000 enterprise customers has revealed a few surprises on the performance of major payment platforms.

When Seconds Count: National Consumer Survey on Website and Mobile Performance Expectations [study]
Gomez - Sep 7, 2010
Summary: 39 percent of consumers say speed is more important than functionality for most websites.

The Performance of Web Applications: Customers are Won or Lost in One Second [study]
Aberdeen Group - Nov 30, 2008
Summary: A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.

Retail Website Performance: Consumer Reaction to a Poor Online Shopping Experience [whitepaper]
Akamai - Jun 2006
Summary: Jupiter Research survey of 1,058 online shoppers found that site loyalty, duration of visits, and even online purchases can be affected by sites that are frustrating to use and slow to render.


Important web performance lessons for SMBs [article]
Web Performance Today – April 19, 2012
Summary: Lofty performance goals aren’t just for large companies. Though optimization is complex, sub-3-second page loads are well within reach for SMBs, as are the hefty revenue gains that follow.

Just One Second Delay In Page-Load Can Cause 7% Loss In Customer Conversions [study]
TagMan - Mar 14, 2012
Summary: "We partnered with the UK's leading glasses e-tailor, Glasses Direct, to study page speed and conversion behavior. Our study enabled us to build a case for the true correlation between page speed and dollar values. Our findings substantiated the Aberdeen findings, where increases in page-load time significantly impacted conversion rates, dropping by 7%."

Real User Monitoring at [case study]
SF Web Performance Meetup - Feb 16, 2012
Summary: Cliff Crocker, Aaron Kulick, and Balaji Ram joined forces at a meeting of the SF Web Performance Meetup to tell a RUM (real user monitoring) story through the lens of three job functions at the performance data analyst, the developer, and the business analyst. Some excellent slides demonstrating the business value of performance.

The impact of HTML delay on mobile business metrics [case study]
Web Performance Today - Nov 23, 2011
Summary: Case study of a 12-week test in which two Strangeloop customers experimented with incremental slowdowns in page load and measured the impact on conversions, bounce rate, conversion, cart size, and long-term visitor satisfaction.

Are Third-Party Tools Secret Conversion Killers [blog post]
Unbounce - Jun 29, 2011
Summary: Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby guest wrote this post for Unbounce. He describes the potential performance problems of social plug-ins and other third-party content, and explains how to conduct a performance audit before and after you install new widgets.

Firefox and Page Load Speed, Part II [case study]
Mozilla - Apr 5, 2010
Summary: Mozilla shaved 2.2 seconds off their landing pages, thereby increasing download conversions by 15.4%, which they estimate will result in 60 million more Firefox downloads per year.

Website Response Times [study]
Jakob Nielsen - Jun 21, 2010
Summary: A user who has to endure an 8-second download delay spends only 1% of her total viewing time looking at the featured promotional space on a landing page. In contrast, a user who receives instantaneous page rendering spends 20% of viewing time within the promotional area.

Proof that speeding up websites improves online business [case study]
Watching Websites - Sep 29, 2009
Summary: Case study showing how performance optimization improved conversion rate by 16.07% and cart size by 5.51%.

Performance Related Changes and Their User Impact [presentation]
Microsoft and Google - Jun 23, 2009
Summary: Users who experience a 2-second site slowdown make almost 2% fewer queries, click 3.75% less often, and report being significantly less satisfied with their overall experience.


How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in Sales [article + infographic]
Fast Company - Mar 15, 2012
Summary: "Research on U.S. Net habits suggests that if this sentence takes longer than a second to load, many citizens will have clicked elsewhere already."

How Downtime Financially Impacts Top Ecommerce Websites [infographic]
Dyn - Oct 17, 2011
Summary: Infographic showing how downtime affected the Internet Retailer 500 in 2010. Includes the estimate that downtime resulted in more than $300 million in lost revenue for the IR 500.

Attention skeptics: Web performance optimization works! [blog post]
Sajal Kayan - May 14, 2011
Summary: Nice little case study from performance engineer Sajal Kayan, demonstrating a correlation between improved page speed, number of page views, and Google Adsense revenue.

How to perform a 5-minute page speed/revenue analysis of your ecommerce site [blog post]
Web Performance Today - Feb 2, 2011
Summary: How to use free tools already at your disposal -- Webpagetest and Google Analytics -- to determine if your site's speed is affecting your revenue.

Online performance is business performance [study]
TRAC Research - Aug 2010
Summary: 4.4 seconds is the average delay in website response times when business performance begins to decline; website slowdowns occur 10 times more frequently than website outages; and website slowdowns can have twice the revenue impact on an organization as an outage.

Shopzilla's Site Redo: You Get What You Measure [case study]
Shopzilla - Jun 23, 2009
Summary: Shopzilla sped up its average page load time from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and experienced a 12% increase in revenue and a 25% increase in page views.

Make Data Useful [case study]
Amazon - Nov 28, 2006
Summary: Amazon found that it increased revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improvement.