SEO, Cloaking & Site Optimizer

SEO, Cloaking, and the Strangeloop Site Optimizer

Many factors contribute to search engine rankings. This paper focuses on a factor called "cloaking," which is a determination that the version of a page presented to the search engine doesn't match the version that a user will see after clicking a search result link. Search engine vendors refuse to index pages that they conclude are trying to trick them.

Because the Strangeloop Site Optimizer detects the type of browser sending each web request and tailors the page to make the best use of that browser's capabilities, some SEO-aware customers have expressed concerns that this practice might affect search rankings by subjecting the site to suspicions of cloaking.

This paper discusses these issues and explains why search engines do not mistake Strangeloop optimizations to be a form of cloaking, with specific reference to Google policies and statements.

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