Measuring Web Site Performance

Measuring Web Site Performance

This paper provides an overview of site performance measurement issues and techniques, and it explains the importance of incorporating tools that measure page load timings as experiences by real users.

With the growing reliance on hosted servers and cloud services, the focus of performance tuning for most web engineers has largely shifted from network and server behavior to the way that pages come together in the browser. The exploding use of mobile devices has amplified this need to focus on the client and to ensure that performance testing reflects real-world user experiences.

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • Why backbone-based tests are no longer enough
  • How to test availability and reliability
  • The types and locations of simulated users
  • Testing and optimizing for diverse clients
  • Tracking page events
  • How real user monitoring (RUM) works
  • Future directions: Standardized web timing interfaces

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