3 problems caused by third-party content

Three common performance problems caused by third-party content (and how to fix them)

Inspired by our popular blog post of the same name, this 20-minute webinar goes into greater depth about three speed-zapping third-party culprits on your site. Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby answers these questions:

  • What is third-party content? Why is it a performance problem?
  • As a site owner or manager, what do you have control over?
  • How can you identify your site's third-party content on a waterfall chart?
  • How can you measure how fast your third-party content loads for real users?
  • What are the best tools for measuring third-party performance?
  • What can you do to speed up your third-party scripts... or at least keep them from blocking your page load?
  • How can you use A/B testing to see if a third-party service delivers the conversion boost it promises?

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