2012 State of Mobile Ecommerce Performance

2012 State of Mobile Ecommerce Performance

Mobile users want to shop online: 4 out of 5 smartphone owners use their devices to shop, and 25% engage in online shopping exclusively via mobile. But slow pages are driving them away. For site owners, the challenge of delivering a fast user experience is an uphill struggle. A typical web page is now 1 MB, and for many mobile users, that page is being served over a cellular network.

In July and September of 2012, Strangeloop tested 200 leading retail websites over 3G and LTE networks using six Android and iOS devices: the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, iPad 2, and Samsung Galaxy tablet. Our goal was to answer the question: how do top ecommerce sites really perform for mobile users over cellular connections?

Our 7 key findings include:

1. The median web page takes more than 11 seconds to load over 3G. This was consistent across Android and iOS devices. 

2. Pages loaded 9% faster on the Samsung Galaxy S3 than on the iPhone 5 over LTE. The median page loaded in 8.1 seconds on the Galaxy S3, compared to a median load time of 8.9 seconds on the iPhone 5.

3. LTE was 27% faster than 3G. While LTE was faster, it fell significantly short of industry claims that LTE is, on average, ten times faster than 3G. 

The report also addresses the following questions:

  • How many companies have mobile-specific sites?
  • Which devices do companies serve their mobile sites to?
  • Which tablet is faster: Android or iPad 2?

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