Our Need For Web Speed

Our need for web speed: It's about neuroscience, not entitlement

Site speed is a hot topic in technology circles these days, and there are many reports linking page speed with business metrics like page views, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue.

In this report, we went deeper and explored exactly why humans don't just want websites to be faster -- we need them to be faster. This report talks about:

  • The EEG experiment that identified a phenomenon called "web stress".
  • How at any given moment three types of memory -- sensory, short-term, and working memory -- work together to keep us on task.
  • What "flow" is and why it's hard-wired.
  • The "doorway effect": Why walking through a door or watching a web page refresh, makes us forget.
  • Why 100-millisecond load times should be the ultimate goal for every site owner.

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