The 90-Minute Optimization Life Cycle

The 90-Minute Optimization Life Cycle: Fast by default before our eyes?

By now, we’ve all internalized Steve Souders' rules for optimizing web performance, but the question is: do you need to spend 6 months and raise an army of top developers to make your sites fast by default?

In this workshop, Joshua Bixby and Hooman Beheshti subject an unsuspecting website – the Velocity home page – to real-time optimization, following Google and Yahoo’s rules for high-performance websites.

Over the course of the workshop, witness the entire optimization life cycle:  

  • Using various measurement tools to benchmark current performance, focusing on load time, start render time and round trips.
  • Implementing A/B segmentation to measure key business metrics like conversion, bounce rate and page views/visit.
  • Iterating through acceleration best practices.
  • Analyzing results from different geographical locations using different browsers.

*Rated one of the top 10 sessions at Velocity 2010 by attendees.