CDN + FEO = Maximum Acceleration

If you've ever looked for hard data about the combined benefits of a CDN+FEO solution, you'll be interested in the slides from Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby's talk at the 2012 Content Delivery Summit. This presentation includes a case study that clearly shows the acceleration gains using just a CDN, then the additional gains of adding front-end optimization (in this case, Strangeloop's Site Optimizer solution) to the mix: 

Marrying CDNs with Front-End Optimization — Presentation Transcript

1. Marrying CDNs with Front-End Optimization for Maximum Acceleration Joshua Bixby 2012 Content Delivery Summit

2. Agenda Why speed matters Brief history of time saving Case studies FEO in the CDN Key areas of integration Market growth

3. Speed = Value“250ms is close to the magic number now for competitive advantage on the Web.” Harry Shum, Microsoft INCREASED REVENUES INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY  10% increase in revenue (for every 1s of  2% increase in improvement) productivity  12% increase in revenue (by improving page load  100% increase in speed from 6s to 1.2s) productivity (when application sped up by 2.7s)  5% increase in revenue (for every 2s of improvement)  Fewer errors, a faster  50% more page views for engineering cycle & fastest visitors enhanced data integrity (relative to slowest)  9% more traffic  25% increase in (for every 400 ms of productivity improvement)

4. Brief history of time saving1993 1995 1996 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Infrastructure Delivery Transformation 

5. Delivery vs Transformation Original Delivery Transformation (FEO) 9.5 seconds 5.7 seconds 2.1 seconds 63 roundtrips 63 roundtrips 9 roundtrips

6. Case study: FEO in action

7. Before: Performance summary 

8. Waterfall First View Repeat View

9. Before: Performance snapshot

10. Step 1: Turn on compression and keep alives ~17.8 sec ~10.5 sec

11. How did we do? Original +KA+Comp Improvement First View 52% 40% 34%

12. Step 2: Implement a CDN Problem: Time to first byte

13. Before and after ~10.5 sec ~8.3 sec

14. TTFB savings Per object TTFB savings of ~50%

15. Before and after CDN: Video

16. We can do better Still too many roundtrips Still too many bytes Not fast enough!

17. Step 3: Adding FEO Reduce roundtrips Combine images Combine JavaScript Combine CSS Re-order requests Reduce payload even more Minify CSS and JavaScript Add image compression Increase concurrency Add a couple of domains to the mix 

18. How did we do? +CDN 81 +FEO 11 Improvement First View 19% 54% 45% Seconds Gained 0.5 sec 4.6 sec

19. Before and after: The final, fastest version

20. The proof is in the numbers 


22. “There’s no single magic bullet for making pages faster.” Adding FEO to CDN/DSA resulted in ~45% faster page load across all browsers 

23. FEO in the CDN

24. FEO lineage Real-time FEO One page at a time No offline process (e.g., Pagespeed, Aptimize) Real-time FEO with advanced learning Offline learning engine to enhance the real-time engine (e.g., Strangeloop,

25. FEO in the CDN 

26. FEO in the CDN 

27. Key areas of integration 

28. Measurement This IS NOT where your user is. STOP testing from here!

29. Mobile 

30. High growth Rapid adoption 5 of top 10 internet retailers have an automated FEO strategy and plan to implement it in 2012. Speed FEO-accelerated sites are 30-50% faster. 200+ top sites have been running automated FEO Stability for 2+ years. CDNs are increasing their MRR with customers High margin by 40-50% on top of existing acceleration solutions like DSA. Rapid innovation Significant innovation in mobile and desktop acceleration is coming in 2012. 

31. Thank you