Front End Optimization: What it is & how to fix it

Front End Optimization (FEO): What it is and how to fix it 

Strangeloop VP Technology Hooman Beheshti was invited to co-chair the Cloud Performance Summit at the 2012 Cloud Connect conference. In addition to chairing, Hooman also presented a session entitled "Application Acceleration Through Front-End Optimization". From the session description:

Accelerating applications can mean different things to different people. In web applications, performance is impacted by everything from infrastructure to code to back-end processing to browser capabilities. This can get even more complicated in cloud environments. In this discussion, we'll focus on the issues surrounding the "front-end" performance of the application, which includes all interactions between the browser and the app after the dynamic content (the base HTML) has been generated and delivered to the browser. We will discuss the major front-end performance pain points and some strategies for mitigating them (including hidden complications and gotchas), ultimately leading to a better perceived user experience.