Advanced Mobile Optimization: How does it work?

Advanced Mobile Optimization: How does it work? How do we measure success?

Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby was invited to speak to the San Francisco & Silicon Valley Web Performance Meetup on advanced mobile optimization. From the Meetup description:

Mobile web users are demanding. 85% say they expect sites to download at least as quickly on their mobile devices as they do on their home computers. Almost half say that poor performance makes them less likely to return to the site. And one third say they would visit a competitor’s site next. Yet despite high user expectations, m-commerce sites continue to lag in performance, with the average site taking more than 9 seconds to load.

There are huge constraints – from device to network limitations – to delivering a fast experience on mobile devices. As if this weren’t challenging enough, some of the familiar techniques that we use to optimize for desktop can slow down, or even break, sites for mobile users.