2012 State of the Union for Mobile Ecommerce

2012 Annual State of the Union for Mobile Ecommerce Performance

On October 3 at Velocity EU, Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby unveiled the findings from the first study ever conducted of mobile performance over cellular networks. The 2012 State of Mobile Ecommerce Performance documents how Strangeloop conducted an industry first: a mobile performance survey of top ecommerce sites over 3G and LTE networks. In July and September 2012, Strangeloop tested top Alexa-ranked retail sites on a variety of mobile devices to find answers to questions like:

  • How long does the median site take to load in mobile browsers? 
  • Which sites were fastest? 
  • Do some mobile OS/browsers/devices offer a consistently faster user experience than others? 
  • How much faster are pages served over LTE than over 3G? 
  • How do all of these findings compare to similar research conducted for desktop performance, published in Strangeloop’s annual Page Speed and Website Performance State of the Union reports?