Case Study: Kiwi Collection

"We were incredibly impressed at how quickly Strangeloop improved our site's performance. On average, they cut our page load time in half – and even more in key markets such as Asia and Europe."

--Jackie Reid, VP Project Services & Program Manager
for the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection

Peformance Challenge

The Kiwi Collection website has a worldwide audience, but is served from a single data center in the US. The result: slow web page load speed and dramatically inconsistent user experiences.

Before developing a performance strategy, Kiwi identified its three primary goals:

  • Improve page load times globally
  • Provide a seamless, consistent user experience regardless of geographic location
  • Complement existing content delivery network (Limelight)


Strangeloop demonstrated more than 200% improvement in the delivery of the Kiwi Collection homepage on a global basis, reducing the average home page load time from 13.3 seconds to 6.4 seconds.

Kiwi Collection Results


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