Case Study: Graebel

"Deploying the Strangeloop Site Optimizer significantly improves the speed of our application, which has resulted in an increase in productivity for our employees, and ultimately has contributed to our business's bottom line."

-- Alan Ruth, Senior Director, Enterprise Applications, Graebel Relocation Services

The Performance Challenge

To manage their complex global business, Graebel relies on a highly specialized Microsoft ASP.NET application. With thousands of staff and partners around the world managing different aspects of the relocation process, Graebel’s feature-rich logistics application must perform quickly and consistently.

The Goals

Graebel had just two goals for its Site Optimizer implementation, but both of these goals were absolutely mission critical:

  • Faster application performance
  • Improved site functionality

The Results

Faster application response time
End user response times improved by at least 50%, a dramatic improvement which has had a direct impact on employee productivity.

Increased site functionality
Site Optimizer supported the adoption of a key corporate application that coordinates relocation activities: “[Before Site Optimizer] the pages were too slow to load… Then we deployed the Strangeloop box, and from that point forward we didn’t have to reconfigure the pages or the use of features like Ajax controls.”

Bandwidth savings
Although bandwidth savings were not a key reason for initially buying Site Optimizer, the company was pleasantly surprised with the bandwidth savings the company realized: “The amount of bandwidth savings was outrageous. Within the fi rst month, several terabytes of data were saved from going across our WAN.”


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