Case Study: AutoAnything revs up sales by 13%

"The Strangeloop Site Optimizer has obviously improved conversion and revenue for us. When you affect conversion by 9%, that is very significant on an annual basis."

Parag Patel, CTO

The Performance Challenge

In the fall of 2009, AutoAnything was busy gearing up for Black Friday. They were determined to create a premium shopping experience that would not only minimize cart abandonment, but also yield high “browse-to-cart” and “cart-to-buy” conversion rates. To do this, they knew they had to create the ultimate shopping experience: an image-rich website with fast-loading pages and reliable performance.

Despite already using a content distribution network (CDN), AutoAnything knew they could be even faster. The site’s home page took up to 10 seconds to load -- far too slow by today’s web performance standards.

"The site was getting slightly bloated. As you get bigger pages, you lose focus and control on what the user experience is like," says Parag Patel, AutoAnything's chief technology officer.

With November quickly approaching, AutoAnything needed a solution fast. With a small engineering team and site traffic of over 2 million unique visitors each month, it was crucial that the company partner with a vendor who could deliver easy implementation before Black Friday.

The Solution

After careful research, AutoAnything chose to implement Strangeloop's cloud-based Site Optimizer service. AutoAnything conducted a set of tests to identify Strangeloop’s impact on key business metrics: conversion, cart size, cart abandonment and revenue. During the test period, 50% of AutoAnything’s visitors received web pages that were accelerated by Strangeloop, while the other 50% of website visitors received pages served from AutoAnything’s centralized servers and existing content delivery network.

The Results

The test results confirmed that Strangeloop enabled AutoAnything to deliver faster page load times and a significantly improved visitor experience, resulting in lower cart abandonment rates, higher conversion rates, and greater cart size.

  • Instant Revenue Increase - Site Optimizer cut AutoAnything’s web page load times in half, which resulted in a 9% increase in conversion rate, an 11% increase in average ticket size, and a 12-13% increase in sales.
  • Easy Integration, World-Class Support - is a very large site, containing hundreds of thousands of pages. Site Optimizer was implemented without changing any code or touching the site’s servers.
  • CDN Cost Savings - Implementing Site Optimizer allowed AutoAnything to significantly reduce its monthly content delivery network costs.


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