Our Value Accelerator Partner Program allows solution providers like Blue Coat, Level 3, Exceda, Ecetera, and Neustar to integrate our unique set of front-end web content optimization (WCO) solutions with their existing products and services.

Are you looking for a website acceleration partner? Should you be?

The speed of website and application delivery has emerged as a critical business technology issue. Companies are turning to their existing solution providers and asking them for urgent help in fixing their performance problems. In turn, these providers are turning to us.

We provide the only front-end performance optimization solutions that operate at the scale demanded by global ecommerce sites and enterprise applications. Because of our unique position in the market, we offer our partners a wealth of opportunities to leverage the value of our product in conjunction with their existing offerings.

We offer three partner streams

  • Strategic Referral Partners
    Strangeloop provides select companies with a direct conduit for referring their customers who have front-end optimization needs. Strategic referral partners have confidence in knowing that their valued customers will receive priority treatment from dedicated Strangeloop performance experts.
  • Systems Integrators
    Strangeloop allows systems integrators to add a powerful new solution to their existing service offerings. By partnering with Strangeloop, systems integrators can offer their customers best-of-breed technology that provides fast ROI on increased website and application acceleration.
  • Certified Technology Alliances
    Strangeloop partners with technology resellers and other vendors to combine complementary capabilities into new product offerings. Exceda – a services provider in the areas of telecom, IT and the internet – is one partner that has already seen the benefit of integrating its services with Strangeloop’s.

Program benefits

  • Marketing Support
    Marketing development funds, trade show support, web branding, partner webcasts, joint marketing campaigns, public relations support
  • Sales Support
    Joint sales campaigns, pre-qualified leads, volume discounts, evaluation units, not for resale units
  • Training and Technical Support
    Sales and technical product training, certification, priority support, pre-release evaluations

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