"We chose Amazon CloudFront because of its ability to offer competitive content delivery compared to other higher-cost CDN services. We chose Strangeloop because of its proven expertise in the area of front-end optimization. Together, Amazon CloudFront and Strangeloop cut our page load times in half instantly for both mobile and desktop visitors, without requiring any changes to our site or servers."

Dan Wacksman, Senior VP of Global Distribution
Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

Combine the benefits of content delivery with FEO

Together, Strangeloop and Amazon CloudFront offer you:

  • Competitive, cost-effective content delivery plus the world’s most proven front-end site acceleration solution.
  • By itself, CDN implementation can cut load times by half. Adding advanced FEO to the mix typically halves load times yet again.
  • Amazon CloudFront optimizes low latency delivery of static, dynamic, or streaming content using a global network of edge locations, while the Strangeloop Site Optimizer tackles page performance at the front end, speeding up page rendering in the browser by consolidating and caching resources to decrease the number of roundtrips, improving how the browser cache is used, reordering page operations to avoid blocks to rendering, and managing browser connections
  • Virtually unlimited scalability. By leveraging AWS's robust cloud platform, Site Optimizer can scale to meet any level of traffic demand on any number of pages.

The Strangeloop Site Optimizer is the most advanced FEO solution available on AWS today.

Site Optimizer recognizes the unique front-end performance needs of your site and your users, customizing pages to deliver them as quickly as possible -- seamless, flawlessly, and automatically.

Accelerate large, highly dynamic sites with high traffic demands
Site Optimizer was designed for a dynamic and personalized world. Site Optimizer automatically optimizes billions of possible page permutations for millions of visitors, adapting in real-time to HTML changes so that pages are always as fast as possible.

Protect against page breakage
Front-end optimization is not a simple, one-size-fits-all technology. When you rewrite HTML, sites can break. The reason why some of the largest companies in the world trust Site Optimizer is because we use the safest techniques, undertake rigorous QA, and have automated systems that look for errors pre- and post-acceleration.

The only advanced FEO solution that addresses the unique challenges of delivering faster pages to mobile users
Solutions designed to accelerate sites for desktop users can slow down, or even break, pages for mobile users. Our proprietary mobile-specific features – such as Mobile SuperCache, Touch Event Conversion, and Dynamic Payload Decision Making – leverage emerging standards and protocols such as HTML5 and Google's SPDY. The result: unparalleled acceleration for global ecommerce sites and enterprise applications, even those who are already using a content delivery network (CDN).

Other Site Optimizer features:

  • Dynamic browser caching
  • Dynamic connection maximizer
  • Dynamic resource consolidator
  • Deferred script loader
  • Response headstart
  • Payload reduction
  • Progressive image render
  • Real user monitoring (RUM)
  • SPDY integration

To learn more, download the Site Optimizer datasheet and whitepaper

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